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Voxxed Days Thessaloniki 2022
24-25 June
Voxxed Days Athens 2022
30 September - 1 October

What is SoftConf?


oftConf is a brand new company located in Thessaloniki, Greece founded by one of the main local tech community leaders. We are dedicated to organizing high-quality conferences, workshops and other software development related events such as hackathons, code retreats, coder dojos etc. We are driven by the community demands and always seeking to providing the latest content and trends in the software and tech industry.

We are also providing a big variety of consulting and software services that aim at improving our clients’ software development process and the overall quality of their software products. Our consultant and trainers are highly respected and experienced software professionals who ensure the best value for our clients

We intend to make enough profit to generate a fair return for our future investors and to finance continued growth and development in quality services and products.

Few of our services

  Conference Organizers

We organize high quality software development conferences

We have launched a new series of Go(lang) training master one of the most popular programming languages

Technical Debt Assessment, Software Quality Training and Consulting and more…


Comquent is an IT Service Provider in the field of Quality Assurance in Software Development. Quality Management, Test Management and Test Automation, Continuous Integration and Delivery are our subjects. HP QC, JIRA, Selenium, SOAP UI, Robot Framework, Cucumber, SpecFlow, Jenkins, MFS is a selection of our most used tools. We consult, support and take responsibility, in medium-sized Companies in the eCommerce and Service Providers up to large Companies in the Automotive or Telecommunications.


Both as trainer and as consultant Patroklos has showed high level skills. He can explain concepts and their applications in a very clear manner and give advice on how to apply them for the specific situation at hand leveraging on his long experience. The added value lies in his competence to assist during hands-on sessions too. He was an invaluable help in boosting the adoption process of SonarQube for our .Net and C++ projects. Without his consultancy it would have taken a longer time to start using the tool in an effective way
Jonathan Gelati
Systems Architect, Varian Medical Systems
We very thanks the tutor, Patroklos Papapetrou, for his patience and disposability and Algoritmi srl for the attested interest in the topic of the code quality.
This seminar was useful to explore some lesser known issues and understand how SonarQube helps developers to manage, register and potentially improve the quality of the source code.
Chiara Louvier
Project Manager, Algoritmi srl

Who’s behind SoftConf

Patroklos Papapetrou
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