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The prices listed below are without VAT, per day for a maximum group of 10 attendees.

The same training can be delivered on-site or virtually in one, two, or three days. The more days the more practical examples and tips are shared with the attendees.

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Mastering Go(lang)


Installing & Configuring Go
Application Packaging & Modules
Variables, Variables scope & Variables Initialization
Pointers, Memory and Garbage Collection
Basic data types
Composite Data Types (arrays, slices, maps, structs)
Error Handling
Data Manipulation (json, yaml) and files procession
Advanced Go(lang) topics


Function Types
The object-oriented paradigm in Go
Working with interfaces
Concurrency in Go
Mutex and Mutex Methods
Using Channels
Unit Testing in Go
Go Generics
Building Web Applications with Go

Per Day

Web Application fundamentals
HTML Templating
Configuration and Error Handling
Creating a Middleware
Connecting to the database
Session Manager
Authentication & Security
Testing Web Applications